Sister2Sister Exchange Program is designed to award scholarships to Pakistani female students enrolled in Pakistani colleges or universities. This program offers cultural/academic exchange through a non- degree summer program in United State universities. The applicants must be the citizens of Pakistan who permanently reside in Pakistan. Students who have completed a 2-year Bachelors Program and are currently enrolled in the 1st year of Masters Program OR if they are in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of 4- year Bachelors Program can apply for the program. Students studying STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics), Business and Management, Political Science, International Affairs & Social Justice fields are eligible to apply.
The grant includes tuition, textbooks, airfare, accommodation, health insurance, pre-departure orientation and re-entry workshops.
No, the student must be minimum 18 years of age and not more than 24 years of age by 1st June 2022 (the year they will be traveling to the USA for the program), i.e., if you were born between June 1st, 1998 and June 1st, 2004 (both dates inclusive), can apply for the program.
This is highly discouraged. You should apply only if you are seriously interested in participating in the program and have full family support and permission. Since we are not charging any fee for application, it adds to our cost of processing the applications and tests if an applicant is not serious about the program participation.
The finalists will travel to the U.S. in summer 2022.
No, the student who has already traveled to the U.S.A., is not eligible for the program.
No, the program participation is only for Pakistani nationals bearing Pakistani CNIC/B-Form, study and resides in Pakistan.
No, the students will not have the option to choose a university. You will be matched with an appropriate university program as per your overall application, English language proficiency test score and interview scores.
All Sister2Sister Exchange Program students will live in dormitories of their universities they are placed in. The selection of universities is done through rigorous process that involves each student’s identified interests, etc., and hence, the students cannot select themselves where they want to get placed.
The duration of the program depends on which university the student gets placed in. This can range from 12 days to 50 days.
No, the students who are selected for the program are not allowed to meet their relatives during the program. The purpose of this exchange program is to give you a chance to ‘study’ and ‘experience’ American university life, learn skills that will help you serve your country in a better way, and make long-lasting friendship ties with people around the world. This is not a ‘family reunion’.
The selection process begins when the applicant submits the completed online application. After initial screening, the students will undergo a virtual interview. Shortlisted candidates move forward to the third round, which is of group discussion and face-to-face interview. The candidates who get through this round will take the English language proficiency test to be shortlisted for the next round.
Yes, English language proficiency test is an integral part of the selection process, without which the applicant will not be able to move forward.
No, taking a test does not guarantee your spot in the Sister2Sister Exchange Program. English language proficiency test is a part of the selection process.
Face-to-face interviews will take place only in Karachi and Islamabad.
No, the cost of coming to the interview/test centers will not be reimbursed to any participants.
Only the applicants selected for the program will be required to take the TOEFL exam.
If you are in your first year (i.e. 13th grade) and have a year remaining to complete your degree, you can apply for the program. However, the student of four-year degree program can only apply if they are in their 1st, 2nd or 3rd year (i.e. 13th, 14th or 15th grade of formal education).
If you have completed a 2-year bachelors program and are currently enrolled in the 1st year of masters program, you can apply for the program.
Applicants who have previously been on another exchange program to the U.S. in the past two years are not eligible to apply for this program.
Your teachers, advisors, or other professionals, who are familiar with you, may write a letter of reference for you. If you have interned somewhere, you can ask your supervisor for it. Note: family members or relatives cannot write your reference letter.
The application is submitted online ONLY. Once the application is submitted online successfully, an automated email will be received on registered email address as a confirmation. Please do not call or email to check!
No, you do not need to courier any document to SIE office.

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